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Every mezzanine floor installation must be reported to your local building control and adhere to building regulations. We will always make sure that any mezzanine floor we design and install is fully compliant with the most up to date regulations and requirements. We can quote to appoint our approved building inspector or you can deal with application process yourself to save cost.

No formal permissions are required for planning, however you should check if there are any restrictions in place to prevent a mezzanine floor being installed within your property.

Sometimes planning permission is required if the mezzanine floor is used for office space or work, but we’ll keep you up to date with any permissions we need to request as part of your project.

Building Regulations are made up of the following requirements:

  • Part A – Structural Safety
  • Part B – Fire Safety
  • Part K – Protection from Falling
  • Part M – Access To and Use of Buildings

Structural Safety

As a trusted and accredited company, we always provide structural calculations to building control which ensure that we adhere to structural safety.

Although there is some confusion out there regarding concrete slab core samples, it is not a requirement for building regulations. However you may be asked your landlord to undertake the test to provide evidence the existing slab can withstand the loads imposed by the mezzanine.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is always a large part of our design process, making sure that there is always a means of escape in the unlikely event of a fire or emergency situation. We always make sure that 1 hour fire resistance is included if required when designing and fitting mezzanine floors, to ensure we comply with Part B of Building Regulations.

Protection From Falling and Access To and From Buildings

The height and safety of our mezzanines is always determined and examined within the design process, to ensure we are compliant with Part K and Part M of Building Regulations.