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Made-To-Measure Mezzanine Floors

Using our specialist online quoting engine, you can tailor the size and style of your new mezzanine floor to match your demands for design, space, and to suit your budget. You’ll be able to enjoy premium products in a cost-effective way.

CICS provides mezzanine floors for small and large buildings alike, available on any budget. We manufacture raised floors in-house, undertaken by skilled engineers, and provide fully-detailed drawings with structural calculations, such as displayed on our quoting engine.

A dedicated Project Manager will be allocated to you at the beginning of the process, who can provide you with a full schedule, including gantt charts, drawings, and method & risk assessments.

Your Project Manager will be on hand to ensure your mezzanine floor is delivered in accordance with time and budget allocations, and are measured to fit your commercial building in Southampton.

Versatile Mezzanine Floors

There’s many fantastic purposes for mezzanine floors that will suit your trade and business needs. Whether you seek a refurbished office, refreshed storage space, or new factory floor, we provide a wide range of designs and weights to complement your architecture.

While seeking a mezzanine floor, you may wish to achieve a complete renovation by installing a suspended ceiling or something else. We offer high-quality turnkey solutions, allowing you to undergo a complete revamp of your property.

Our full outfit service in Southampton includes mezzanine floors, partitioning, dry lining, suspended ceilings, and many other features. We supply trained experts in every field, who are each carefully monitored by our experienced project managers to ensure impeccable quality.

Work is conducted with a professional, efficient approach, ensuring consistent quality across all platforms. We will prioritise fitting your mezzanine floor, whilst maintaining high safety standards when working on other areas.

Mezzanine Floors Southampton

Bespoke Office Mezzanine Floors

CICS specialise in bespoke solutions, offering unique office floors that will transform the way you feel at work. Small businesses often expand into multiple offices over time, however, we at CICS believe you can make more of the space you already have.

We offer efficient mezzanine floor fittings, which increases capacity of your office by adding another dimension to it. These are incredibly cost-effective alternatives to moving offices.

We design mezzanine floors to fit within your office appropriately. We will assist you with any guidance we feel is relevant and also be pleased to hear from you as well regarding changes you’d like to make.

We think of it as optimising space rather than adding to it. For instance, many offices may benefit from an extra tall ceiling, which to CICS, is a space worth investing in.

Our mezzanine floors can create a new office above your existing office, yet blend seamlessly into the current setup. We offer a myriad of designs for your mezzanine floors including colours and stairways, giving you total control over how your office looks.

There are other options for improving your office space here at CICS, including our excellent partitioning services, allowing you to divide space in the way you wish to have it, and features a stunning glass partitioning alternative.

Storage Mezzanine Floors

CICS are a leading provider of mezzanine floors due to our high expertise and variety of products. You can improve storage space implementing one of our especially strong mezzanine floors, made from steel.

Our mezzanine floors are highly versatile, allowing you to use them for any purpose that you feel deem fit too. These are hugely effective in storage areas as it allows you to free up space on the floor by creating a raised floor.

Furthermore, we offer heavy duty mezzanine floors, allowing you to store goods with greater weight on them. Our mezzanine floors are highly robust and durable, meaning they will provide long-lasting performance at your chosen work place.

Mezzanine Floors Prices Southampton

Mezzanine Floors Prices

You can create stunning mezzanine floor for your commercial premises by obtaining a competitive price at our online quoting engine, allowing you to tailor it to match your budget.

You may get in touch with our team by using our online contact page and completing a short form with your contact details. We will approach you by the preferred method shortly after.

Mezzanine Floor Design Assumptions

Standard Design Consist of;

  • 4.8 kN/m² (100lbs/sq.ft) UDL- Imposed Load
  • 0.40 kN/m² UDL – Dead Load
  • 0.15 kN/m² UDL – Service Load (ceilings etc…)

Minimum Characteristic Imposed Loads

Office Uniformly distributed 2.5kN/m²
Workroom (without storage) Proprietary lightweight partition 0.5kN/m²
Canteens (but not kitchens) Concentrated load 2.7kN
Light storage Uniformly distributed 3.5kN/m²
Shelving 2.5kN/bay
Concentrated load 3.5kN
Medium storage Uniformly distributed 5.0kN/m²
Shelving 4.0kN/bay
Hand Pallett truck 7.0kN
Concentrated load 5.0kN
Heavy storage Uniformly distributed 7.0kN/m²
Shelving 5.0kN/bay
Powered pallet trucks 12.0kN
Concentrated load 6.0kN