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We are mezzanine floor & staircase specialists for commercial interiors near London, Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole & Portsmouth. Installing a new mezzanine floor in your commercial business is a great way to recycle the wasted air space available for a much smaller investment than compared to relocating your business, this is why mezzanine floors where invented.

Here on the CICS website you can use our online quotation platform to budget for your upcoming project. This bespoke quote generator will allow you to price up a mezzanine floor and fire protection. If you require an interior fit out then please contact us directly, drawings are the best way to showcase your vision.

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Before proceeding onto our free online quotation system, you should consider some of the following points about your mezzanine floor project and these points could include:

Which Load Capacity Do I require?

3.5kN per m2 – 350kg per m2 suitable for office environments and light duty storage

4.8kN per m2 – 480kg per m2 perfect for medium storage applications or if you would like the floor to be used in a retail setting

7.5kN per m2 – 750kg per m2 medium/heavy duty storage uses including pallets and large goods

10.0kN per m2 – 1000kg per m2 heavy duty applications, for all uses where you will not exceed the max UDL

Which Staircase Do I Need?

At minimum, all mezzanine floors require at least one general access type staircase and thereafter you can introduce a utility staircase.

What Finish Floor Level Is Best?

This all depends on your bespoke requirements, however we suggest that you consider the clear underside height required and then add on 300-500mm for the thickness of the mezzanine floor.

Do I need Handrail?

If you have any exposed edges to your new mezzanine floor then you will require a handrail system installed to the perimeter to avoid uses falling off the edge of the structure. This can be added to your quotation in metres.

What Is a Pallet Gate?

When you are loading your products onto the mezzanine with a forklift truck, you will require a safety compliant load gate to prevent uses falling through the opening. This gate is called an up and over gate, which is used to protect two sides of the pallet.

Will I Need Fire Protection?

Mezzanine floors being used as permanent places of work such as an office, or where your mezzanine floor covers more than 50% of your total building footprint will require 1 hour fire protection. A fire rated suspended ceiling and fascia are used to protect the main platform and fire rated column cases are used to protect the posts.

Can I Install The Mezzanine to Save Cost?

For those clients who would prefer supply only, CICS can help and just design and deliver your mezzanine floor however we will require payment before delivery. Contact us directly to learn more about this option.


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Mezzanine Specialists

Our mezzanine floors are delivered directly to site, with all the components required. Our experienced installation team will take delivery of the mezzanine floor, including the offload, and prepare the site for installation. The installation time can vary depending on the scale of the project.

Our in-house dedicated projects manager can provide a full schedule, including drawings, gantt charts and method & risk assessments. Each mezzanine floor will be provided with structural calculations and fully detailed drawings. Every floor requires a building regulations application and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist with the process of the application. Please contact us regarding the associated costs for this service.

Staircase Design

Alongside being a mezzanine specialist, we also design and fabricate steel staircases for industrial use in your commercial interior fit out. From bespoke dimensions in AutoCAD through to bolting together on site, we can provide your staircase with your mezzanine keeping the process simple and leaving you to run your business.

Column Grid Design

Our mezzanine floors are made to order, taking time and care to ensure that our bespoke structures fit purposely into your warehouse space. Each column grid is designed to take into account turning circles for machines, avoid footplates overlapping an expansion joint or landing on a drain cover.

We have national coverage and are local to Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton and Portsmouth.