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10kN Mezzanine Floors

With a wealth of experience in creating bespoke mezzanine floors, CICS are leading providers of high-quality heavy storage mezzanine floors.  Our heavy storage mezzanine floors are made from strong and durable steel combined with an intelligently designed structure to achieve a phenomenal level of performance, ideal for coping with the incredible forces that heavy loads produce.

As the name suggests our bespoke heavy storage mezzanine floors are designed to take the extra load. A heavy storage mezzanine floor from CICS gives you the opportunity to free up more floor space and keep storage area confined. Allowing you to utilise that previously wasted space to optimise the area of your existing premises in a cost-effective way.

As your business continues to grow, you’ll find it begins to outgrow your current premises. The normal option in this scenario is to move premises. However, this can cause a great deal of disruption, taking up valuable time and effort and of course extra expenditure. Only restricted by the height of the building, heavy storage mezzanine floors have the power to unlock the potential storage capabilities.

By realising the potential of the empty space above, you’ll be able to dramatically increase your total floor space, in some cases almost double, and at a fraction of the cost of moving premises. Our full service allows you to maximise the storage capabilities of your current premises. Being raised above the existing floor space, it is possible to install the mezzanine floors in a number of configurations to suit your needs.

Being made of steel not only makes our heavy storage mezzanine floors incredibly strong and durable but also extremely versatile. We have the trained professionals to successfully transform your working area to meet the needs of your growing company. The experts at CICS will work with you to design and install your perfect, bespoke mezzanine floor solution, tailored to your business requirements.


Our team of professional designers will use your specific requirements and state-of-the-art, computer-aided design software to visualise the options most suitable for your situation. You’ll benefit from knowing your chosen design is the best possible fit for your premises.

We go the extra mile to ensure every element of the project is considered at the design stage. From ergonomics to safety issues, we’ll have thought of everything. All the work we do conforms to current building regulations, CDM regulations and health and safety standards.

We will include items such as smoke and fire detection systems along with emergency lighting, ensuring that the newly created area is as safe as possible whilst optimising the available space for practical use.


The experience that our talented team possess makes CICS the first choice for mezzanine floors in this area. If you need a heavy storage mezzanine floor installed then we can help you with every aspect of the project from start to finish, giving you only one company to deal with.

Our trusted professionals can perform both electrical and mechanical installation. So whether you need lighting or ventilation we have the necessary skills to complete your job. All of our projects are completed with quality materials and finished to usual high standards.

The specialist skills of our trusted installers will provide you with a cost-effective, practical solution that is built to last. Maximise the true potential of your premises with the extra space that our heavy storage mezzanine floors will give.

Bespoke Mezzanine Floors

Each and every mezzanine floor that we fit is tailor made to exact requirements. Every premises is different and every business is different. That’s why bespoke mezzanine floor solution by CICS are perfect for anyone.

From day one we will work closely with you to ensure that the design exactly matches the project requirements. For a heavy storage mezzanine floor, as with all mezzanine floors, it is extremely important that the structure can safely take the weight of the stored goods.

In the design stage of the project, we will always include safety elements including hand and knee rails, safety gates, staircases and loading requirements. Our full service provides the opportunity lifts and conveyors included as well as fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

We take great pride in the excellent service that we provide. Our dedicated designers, project managers and installers work seamlessly together to ensure that every project that we take on is completed on time, with budget and to the highest standards.

Heavy Storage Mezzanine Floor Prices

Are you interested in expanding your usable space to match the growth of your business in the most cost-effective way?  All this can be achieved in a cost-effective, quick and hassle-free process with one reputable company, CICS.

Then our friendly team of experts are on hand to answer any queries. Call us today on 01202 375213 or use our online contact form to message the team directly.

Mezzanine Floor Design Assumptions

Standard Design Consist of;

  • 4.8 kN/m² (100lbs/sq.ft) UDL- Imposed Load
  • 0.40 kN/m² UDL – Dead Load
  • 0.15 kN/m² UDL – Service Load (ceilings etc…)

Minimum Characteristic Imposed Loads

Office Uniformly distributed 2.5kN/m²
Workroom (without storage) Proprietary lightweight partition 0.5kN/m²
Canteens (but not kitchens) Concentrated load 2.7kN
Light storage Uniformly distributed 3.5kN/m²
Shelving 2.5kN/bay
Concentrated load 3.5kN
Medium storage Uniformly distributed 5.0kN/m²
Shelving 4.0kN/bay
Hand Pallett truck 7.0kN
Concentrated load 5.0kN
Heavy storage Uniformly distributed 7.0kN/m²
Shelving 5.0kN/bay
Powered pallet trucks 12.0kN
Concentrated load 6.0kN