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3.5kN Mezzanine Floors

CICS provide bespoke mezzanine floor solutions and are specialists when it comes to designing and installing office mezzanine floors. 3.5kN mezzanine floors are more commonly used to create office environments due to the lower load capacity.

This can be a cost-effective and ingenious way to expand your business without the need to move premises. We have helped successfully transform the office spaces of many customers through many complete fit-out and refurbishment projects.

As your business grows you will notice the requirements for floor space are increased, which could make it a little cramped in the office. If this is the case you could find that CICS have the perfect solution that will be tailor made for you and your needs. We have vast experience in designing and installing bespoke office mezzanine floors for guaranteed satisfaction.

Creating an office mezzanine floor is an excellent way to expand your business quickly and in a cost-effective way. We have helped many people expand the capacity of their existing premises so that their business can continue to grow. If you have premises with high ceilings, then it’s likely that there is a great deal of space that is not being used to its full potential. Start by thinking cubic space and not floor space and there are suddenly many more possibilities.

Unlock the empty space above by installing an office mezzanine floor and you will find that you can significantly increase your total floor space. In some cases, the floor space can almost be doubled. Imagine having so much more floor space without changing premises. If your business is outgrowing your current space, adding a mezzanine floor is the most cost-effective solution available.

Our dedicated professionals provide a full service which means we are here to help from the beginning of the project right through to its completion. With incredible attention to detail maintained throughout design and installation, you can be sure of only the highest standards. Giving you the perfect solution to growing your business whilst managing to avoid moving and the associated costs involved.

Extensive Variety

We offer a wide variety of options to ensure that your office mezzanine floor meets your needs. As a full-service company, we have the trained professionals to provide you with a bespoke solution. We’ll work with you to design the perfect working environment for your business.



You can choose to divide the additional floor space to the best it can be by using partitioning. You have the option to have your floor separated into practical sections that will make the space work for you. Also available is glass partitioning to create any look that you want.



We can provide a variety of top quality flooring solutions that work brilliantly in any working environment. From safety flooring to prevent slipping for areas like staircases to carpets that will add a more comfortable environment for working at desks.



As part of our full service we can also install suspended ceilings to suit the needs of your office space. Our skilled professionals can even install lighting to help complete the look and feel, creating a working environment that will help expand your business.


Electrical Installation

Our experience team consists of trained professionals in many disciplines, including electricians. This allows us to install any wiring or electric sockets and also any other electrical requirements that any modern day office needs, as well as installing lighting.


Mechanical Installation

We take care of all of your project requirements and can provide a range of mechanical installations. Whether you need ventilation systems, air conditioning or heating systems, we have the knowledge and experience to install any essential systems.

Design and Installation


Our friendly team will work with you every step of the way so that you can create your own bespoke solution that will complement and enhance your existing office environment. We take the time to consider every aspect of your situation in the design process.

We utilise cutting edge, computer aided design software to bring your vision to life. Allowing you to consider a number of options before deciding means you can be confident that you have made the right decision on your final office mezzanine floor solution.

Utilising our experience, we cover every possible aspect of the project. All design work incorporates current building regulations and safety standards, so you’ll have nothing to worry about besides deciding on the best design options for your premises.



When it comes to mezzanine floors, we are the experts. Equipped with the perfect combination of skills to cover every aspect, the trusted team at CICS work to incredibly high standards ensuring that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the completion of your project.

The extensive selection of services that we offer provide our customers with everything that they need for the whole project. The full service that we offer will provide you with a beautifully finished project that comes in on time, on budget and to the highest standards.


Office Mezzanine Floor Prices

Are you looking to expand your office floor space and grow your business? Would you like to avoid the disruption of moving premises? Here at CICS, we have the perfect solution for you.

Speak to us on 01202 375213 or use our online contact form to get more information on office mezzanine floors.

Mezzanine Floor Design Assumptions

Standard Design Consist of;

  • 4.8 kN/m² (100lbs/sq.ft) UDL- Imposed Load
  • 0.40 kN/m² UDL – Dead Load
  • 0.15 kN/m² UDL – Service Load (ceilings etc…)

Minimum Characteristic Imposed Loads

Office Uniformly distributed 2.5kN/m²
Workroom (without storage) Proprietary lightweight partition 0.5kN/m²
Canteens (but not kitchens) Concentrated load 2.7kN
Light storage Uniformly distributed 3.5kN/m²
Shelving 2.5kN/bay
Concentrated load 3.5kN
Medium storage Uniformly distributed 5.0kN/m²
Shelving 4.0kN/bay
Hand Pallett truck 7.0kN
Concentrated load 5.0kN
Heavy storage Uniformly distributed 7.0kN/m²
Shelving 5.0kN/bay
Powered pallet trucks 12.0kN
Concentrated load 6.0kN