Modular Construction

CIMS is one of the top UK companies specialising in modular construction, including hospitality modular buildings, retail modular buildings, residential modular buildings & medical spaces. We construct modular buildings throughout the South of England & London, based in Bournemouth. Read more about this bespoke service today, or contact us to discuss prices.

What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is a simple, yet incredibly effective means of producing large site builds. Essentially, it involves building in a controlled, factory environment as opposed to completing the construction outside actually on the site. With this, your new office space, extension or warehouse is constructed in full at our manufacturing facility before simply being assembled once ready. We offer modular construction for any industry including: hospitality modular buildings, retail modular buildings, residential modular buildings & medical spaces.

The result of this is a drastically simpler and much more straightforward build process for you as the customer. Lead times are trimmed massively as the manufacturing can be completed come rain or shine. Better yet, there is a minimised risk of injury compared with working entirely on the actual site.

You can commission our modular construction services for almost any commercial application. Whatever business you’re operating, our bespoke service will allow us to create something that is perfect for you and your company. What’s more, all our builds are designed to comply with the latest regulations, both regarding building standards and planning permission.

Contact CIMS today to organise your free survey and consultation. From there, we’ll design, manufacture and construct your new office or warehouse using the latest modular construction. You won’t be disappointed when you make the switch to modular, and there are no better companies to work with than the skilled team at CIMS.

Learn More About TITUS

TITUS is our own trade marked brand which we label all of of modular pods with as a symbol of quality and reassurance to our customers who have bought our product. TITUS was a roman emperor who finished building The Colosseum in Rome, a huge endeavour which is the vision for our modular construction company CIMS. We aim to be building large properties in 10 years using the modular construction technology for our commercial and residential clients.

Under this brand we have also been building modular dark kitchens for one of our major clients, and now we are starting to build our own. You can learn more about our Dark Kitchens below.


Features & Benefits

Shorter Lead Times

By choosing modular construction over a conventional build, you’ll receive your build in significantly less time. Never effected by days or weeks of adverse weather, modular construction can also be completed in correlation with the supporting site work. You could trim a third off the lead time of your project.

Less Waste

Increased quality control and oversight is achieved with modular construction. Much less cutting and trimming is required as a result. With this, there is a significant chance of cutting down on waste. You can do your part for the environment by going modular over a conventional site-built alternative ordered elsewhere.

Flexible Designs

By choosing CIMS and modular construction, you get enhanced control over the customisation. We can tailor the build to your needs, allowing you to design a build that suits the needs of your business or project to a tee. We have options for every customer and every budget here in the South of England.

Quality Materials

We design and manufacture using the highest quality materials. With each component quality controlled and 90% of the work done in a factory environment, you can be assured that each system, item or material are of the best standard possible. You get the finest when you choose CIMS.

Inherent Durability

Choosing modular construction can aid the overall durability of your build. We use the same quality materials you’d expect from an on-site build, but each component has been engineered for purpose. You’ll be making a smart long term investment by choosing modular construction.

Cost Effective

In some instances, modular construction can cost less than a traditional site-build. With the trimmed lead time and the lowered chance of delays, it’s easy to see why this service could prove cost effective. You can use your hard-earned money for other elements of your business or project.

Why Choose CIMS for Modular Construction?

Part of the larger CSUK company, CIMS’ team of in-house experts boast years of experience working in this industry. We transfer this into our work with modular construction, offering a heightened standard of expertise and keener eye for detail, bringing both to every project.

As a result, we can offer efficient lead times while maintaining product quality and our own high standards. All the while, our customer service with modular construction projects is second to none. We’ll guide you through entire process, ensuring you’re as stress and hassle free as possible.

Modular Construction Prices

If you’re interested in commissioning CIMS for our bespoke modular construction services. Then get in touch. You can leave your details on our online contact form, and a member of our friendly team will get back to you. If your question is more immediate, then call the main CSUK line today. You can find us on 01202 118092. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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