How to Build a Home Office

Published Thursday, March 19th, 2020
Categories: CICS

How to Build a Home Office


During the most recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, employers have been forced to send their employees home to conduct their work where possible to avoid the risks involved. This is great news for most employees that get to keep their jobs and sofa binge through Netflix with a laptop at hand to occasionally browse at emails before eventually being told by their employer that the business needs to change your contract to part time. This leaves you thinking “I wonder if I could start a business from home and potentially start trading from my garden and create some income and ultimately never work for someone else ever again!”.

What Business Could I trade from Home?

Most people will be looking to supply items online through home delivery which have spiked due to the self isolation rules. How about selling face masks, toilet rolls, dry food, pet food or any necessary items to survive through eBay? Perhaps it’s time to get creative and start learning how to brew beer or make gin! However, for this type of business you’re going to need some light industrial production space to start your new and exciting little venture in the back back.

What Does my Home Office or Unit Look Like?

Here at CSUK, we have a wide range of building services of which include transportable modular buildings which include home offices and workshops. These waterproof cubes are constructed using modular construction technology in our factory and can be delivered by a lorry with a hiab crane to your very front door and lifted over your house and into your back garden. The structure of the modular rooms is very similar in every bespoke building, however what changes is the use inside the room. This could include a new office space to start your business from home all the way to the opposite end where the internal finishes are suited to fabrication works or carpentry. Each modular unit is designed to your needs and the possibilities are endless, we take your ideas and make them reality.


Why not consider starting a business from home and leave us to create the environment in which is required to give your new venture the best possible chance of turning the negative situation of COVID-19 and start building a start. After all the universe has forced you in this direction and we do not know how long we will all be required to work from home.

Being perfectly positioned in Bournemouth, we cover the South of the United Kingdom for all commercial and residential building solutions. Only a few hours from London, Reading and Bristol. We fabricate all structural steel work to CE standards in house and transport by lorries to your location. Why not give us a call today on 01202 118092 or drop us an email at