Mezzanine Floor Installation – Enfeild, London

Published Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
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Mezzanine Floor Installation – Enfeild, London


CICS received an enquiry from a shop fitting company based in South Harlow, London and were looking to install a mezzanine floor on a tight lead time. The main contractor needed the floor to be fabricated and installed within three weeks to ensure it fell in-line with their overall project programme, and did not increase the lead time or cause them to fall behind schedule.

Mezzanine Lead Time

Initially, the contractors connected with a competitor of CICS who quoted a timeframe of six weeks to complete the install. This would have put them three weeks behind schedule and had the potential to hinder the overall lead time quite significantly; with this information they extended their search to us. We were able to quote them the two weeks they were looking for. CICS fabricate and manufacture all of our own floors in-house, which means the client gets a bespoke service every time. We were able to tailor the flooring to the client’s needs and deliver it within the given time frame due to our unique end to end service. Working with CICS to have a bespoke product made is quicker and easier than waiting for a trade only dealer to come to you with a solution that may or may not fit your requirements.


Once the project was signed off, CICS got to work discovering the contractor’s requirements and putting together a detailed plan of action for the manufacture and install of the mezzanine floor. The design criteria given needed to include columns falling into partition walls located at ground level, a clear underside of steelwork which needed to clear the plasterboard at 2700mm. This build would also need to include a staircase void which would eventually accommodate a new wooden staircase. All of these parameters could only be delivered by a company offering bespoke services, and CICS was fit for the job.


Our professional, highly skilled team managed to put together a detailed plan inclusive of all of the given parameters which was taken forward to manufacture and fabricated to the client’s specifications. Our quality service ensures that all our products are fabricated using the best quality materials available and each goes through rigorous quality testing to ensure a secure final product which is fit for purpose.


CICS’s ability to be a reactive and responsive supplier means that we are able to meet customer demands quickly and effectively, offering the perfect solution within a given time frame and exceeding expectations upon delivery of the project. We take every enquiry we receive very seriously and aim to guide the client from the initial quote right through to delivery without complication, or lack of communication. Our responsive service enables us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and we hope to work with this client again on their next build.

If you need a professional, bespoke and quality tailored mezzanine flooring for your upcoming project, do not hesitate to get in touch with CICS. Our friendly and responsive team will handle your enquiry from initial contact through to completion. Let us exceed your expectations for your next project, get in touch today.