Mezzanine Floor Installation – Tottenham, London

Published Monday, February 4th, 2019
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Mezzanine Floor Installation – Tottenham, London


CICS is often recommended to others via existing clients for our mezzanine floor services. People recommend us for our professional, friendly attitude, and high-quality finish. The bespoke mezzanine solutions we are able to provide means that clients find the service we offer preferable to companies who do not manufacture, or fabricate their own bespoke mezzanine floors in-house. At CICS we not only have our own design team, but we also provide a project manager who looks after the project from start to finish and ensures all of our clients needs are met.

The Project Brief

We were recently commissioned to complete a mezzanine floor design and installation in Enfield, London that came to fruition because of an existing client relationship. The project had a three week lead time which required CICS to be proactive in collating all the client’s requirements and producing designs quickly and effectively. The client was a high-end sculptor working with refined materials such as brass and clay. The detailed nature of the client’s work meant that they needed bespoke fittings such as upgrading the handrail to a custom convex handrail system and having the staircase painted in a custom green colour to match the rest of their interior design. We were able to deliver these additional requirements as we manufacture our products in-house which allows us to be flexible on design. We collaborated with the client to ensure that the overall look and feel of the space wasn’t compromised.


Working with CICS means that you can add unique design touches and bespoke finishings that aren’t available from your standard provider. Our expert design team are also able to work around the space provided. For this client, we needed to fit the mezzanine floor and columns around an existing machine layout. As with all of our projects, the safety element was also considered equally as much as the design elements. For this client, we installed fire protection systems which came in the form of column cases, a suspended ceiling and plasterboard facia. These safety considerations are important for any project we undertake.


The end result of this project was a mezzanine floor that fitted well into the space through both design and the quality of the materials used. Our happy client was then able to use the space we created to have their main contractor fit out a meeting room and balcony which overlooked their production area. Being able to oversee a bustling workforce from a mezzanine floor in your warehouse or workshop has many advantages. CICS work with our clients to improve the efficiency of their working environments using mezzanine flooring as a space creating resolution when you feel you are outgrowing your current workspace – because who want’s to pay for a bigger space when you can increase the usability of the one you already have?

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If you have a big workshop and a growing workforce, mezzanine flooring could be the solution you need to look into. This option is best for maximising the space you have available while making room for everything from stock and storage to offices or social areas. We are able to build high end, bespoke products and work with other contractors such as builders, electricians, plumbers and even your own project managers to ensure a fully communicated, well executed and quality end result. Get in contact with a member of the CICS team for some friendly guidance for your mezzanine floor project.