Mezzanine Floor Installation – Waterlooville, Portsmouth

Published Sunday, March 4th, 2018
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Mezzanine Floor Installation – Waterlooville, Portsmouth

CICS were approached with an exciting concept by this Portsmouth based air conditioning company to install a mezzanine at first floor level as part of an office refurbishment. We were advised that due to a steady and consistent growth over many years, additional office space was required to house the expanding team.

The client was processing the building regulations application for the main office refurbishment that included the mezzanine as an element of the overall build. Our clients structural engineer had carried out checks and calculations to ensure the mezzanine could be installed at first floor level on the concrete floor.

The main objective of the additional space created by the mezzanine floor was to develop meeting platform that overlooked the main open planned office area with vaulted ceilings and bright colours. The vision of this new office environment could be compared to the famous relaxed Google style London based office.

The main challenge we faced on this build was getting the steelwork onto the first floor with access only being offered as a single doorway and standard opening windows. Our main solution for this project was to splice the long steelwork sections where possible to reduce the weight, overall length and increase the ease of movability and turning circles when lifting each component up the staircase. The top landing was designed and supplied in knock down form again for ease of manually lifting onto first floor. Where possible we used Genie lifts and trolleys to move the components.

The staircase received our custom designed treads which easily accept the bonding of carpet tiles to add a more soft feel to the structure rather than the standard industrial durbar non-slip option. The chipboard decking was to be covered with carpet tiles by others, again to provide the same advantage of a softer finish. The exposed steelwork was painted with a custom red which is included within the end users branding colours.

The installation took place at the weekend and was completed within the required two days with no disruption to the main office refurbishment project. The delivery was timed in such a way where the client offloaded the components on a Friday afternoon ready for weekend installation.

The end result of this project was another extremely satisfied customer who would highly recommend CICS to their clients if such a requirement appeared. We aim to provide an unrivalled customer service and short lead times that stand out from our competitors.

We were perfectly positioned in Poole near Bournemouth in Dorset only an hour from this client. We fabricate CE approved steelwork and transport direct site. So if you’re looking to undertake a similar project with a free standing steel floor then why not give us a call today on 01202 118092 or drop us an email at