Mezzanine Floor Installation – Wembley, London

Published Thursday, April 12th, 2018
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Mezzanine Floor Installation – Wembley, London

CICS took on an exciting project at Wembley to install a mezzanine floor with a variety of parameters and bespoke fittings detailed by the client.

Our team of dedicated project managers work with our clients from the beginning to end, to ensure a high quality finished product and an excellent customer experience. Our team services the south of the UK, including London, and the major southern cities.

The dedicated project manager for this project was tasked with managing the design, fabrication and installation of a multi tier mezzanine floor, which would be used to store high value camera and staging equipment at Wembley.

This bespoke design required a handrail, staircase, a stacker with a cage available for goods, and a loading swing gate. This extensive list of parameters was put into a full schedule which included drawings, gantt charts, method and risk assessments.

Once the client was presented with the drawings and a schedule, our team of expert engineers could get to work fabricating the components required for the project in-house. This ensures a quality product that can be developed accurately according to the technical drawings and delivered to the site ready to be installed, avoiding costly delays and eliminating the margin of potential error. The installation process was carried out by the CICS team; the installation was quick and virtually mess free.

Each mezzanine floor is designed with fully detailed drawings which take into consideration all the relevant structural calculations and aid the development of a schedule to estimate lead time. On this project in particular, the challenge that CICS faced was a shortened lead time due to weather restrictions. Snowy conditions over Wembley could have lead to issues relating to limited access to labour and delivery of the required materials to the project site. Fortunately CICS overcame these potential risks and delivered the project on a tight lead-time despite the adverse conditions.

To deliver each project on time and on budget, CICS work directly with trade and business owners to allow for a cost effective approach to mezzanine flooring projects. Our highly skilled engineers were able to provide a solution for our client that delivered each of the parameters without compromising on design, quality and durably – even in the snow!

Another benefit of working with CICS was that the client needed to obtain a Building Regulations Certificate. A member of the CICS team was able to help with the application and were able to represent the client to Building Control in order to certify. More details about this extended service can be found on our website.

The conclusion of this project at Wembley was a fully delivered mezzanine floor, fitted with a handrail, loading swing gate, staircase and other requirements. Working through snowy conditions and staying on top of our tight lead time while still delivering a high quality finished product shows our unwavering commitment to our customers.

If you are completing a project that requires mezzanine flooring, get in touch with the team at CICS. Not only do we design, fabricate and install end to end with a dedicated project manager to assist at every stage, we also offer a range of supplementary services to help keep your project on track.