Large Shelving Installation – Bournemouth, Dorset

Published Thursday, April 12th, 2018
Categories: CICS

Large Shelving Installation – Bournemouth, Dorset

CICS were recently instructed to complete an installation in our home county of Dorset. This particular client, a solicitors firm based in Bournemouth, was looking for archive shelving solution to be installed into an existing space within their offices. It was key that we utilised this space to it’s maximum capacity in order to provide optimum storage for the client.

The project consisted of taking a space that was unused by the client and using our extensive knowledge in design and space optimisation to provide the client with a solution that best suited their needs. The room needed to be optimised to accommodate the archive shelving, and ensure that the chosen layout served as a long term solution. With this in mind, we set about creating a series of design options each tailored to the clients budget.

“All of our work is completed to the highest quality, regardless of the space or budget available. Our shelving was installed so that it is was not only fit for purpose, but with ample consideration of the clients on-going needs.”

We provided the client with a variety of options produced by our designers; each design achieved all of the clients parameters but used the space in different ways. We like to give the client full design control so they are happy with the storage solutions being provided. Our bespoke service offers a tailor made finish without having to compromise on design and quality. After surveying the room and presenting the client with their options, a drawing was selected and we began to source the combination of premium grade materials and expert labour it would take to bring the project to a quick and high quality completion.

At CICS we pride ourselves in excellent customer service throughout a project; we are more than happy to discuss the solutions we provide with our clients in great detail at any stage of the project. We offer a professional service and reliable installation while delivering a quality product. For this client in particular, we got to work delegating an optimum combination of labour and materials to give our client the best experience whilst working with us to complete their shelving solution. We used quality durable materials so the end product was robust in contrast to other cheap shelving units available.

The end result was a transformed storage space, perfect for fitting the archive boxes needed by the client. The materials used will ensure a long life for these shelving units, making them a valuable investment for the client. This project was presented on time and on budget, with knowledgeable staff on hand to receive any follow up questions about the storage solutions we provided.

For more information about the shelving and storage solutions, contact us on 01202 118092 and let us help you maximise your space today.