Residential Construction

CIRS offer a residential modular construction service to contractors and companies operating throughout the South of England, including Hampshire, London, Surrey, Bath, Bristol, Portsmouth and Bournemouth. Read more about this bespoke service below or reach out for more details, pricing and a process breakdown.

What is Residential Construction?

Residential modular construction is the service of building multi-family housing for sale or rent to the local people. With this, residential construction is often done as larger scale projects and can done over the course of several months. Despite this, we work with companies big, small, new and old as part of this service. We’ve completed residential modular construction projects right across the South of England.

As a service, residential construction is incredibly versatile, and no two projects look the same. Modern condos, small blocks of flats and larger, high-end apartments are just three of the styles of housing that we regularly build as part of this service. We create bespoke builds and a full turnkey service to ensure you’re building the perfect properties for your local area.

With a turnkey service, we are happy to undertake or organise the comprehensive process, rather than just the build. As you’ll see below, we are also happy to complete gas, electric and water works as part of our work. Anything we can’t undertake in-house is outsourced using our established list of experienced and reliable contractors. This isn’t a service you’re guaranteed when you choose residential construction with a company different to CIRS.

Our Residential Construction Service

Full Design

CIRS are there from the start of the process until the very end. We’ll help design your residential construction project from scratch, enabling you to create something perfect for you and any eventual homeowners. You won’t have to worry about sourcing your designs from another company.

Foundation & Framing

The first stage of our residential construction is to lay the foundations and framing of the housing. Foundations prevent subsoil from spreading and is a critical stage of the residential construction build. Worry not, CIRS are on-hand to guide you through the process while using only the finest materials.


Once the foundations have been set, we’ll use high quality brickwork to complete the bulk of the build. We only hire the most skilled builders to ensure that this stage can be completed as efficiently as possible. All the while, our brickwork is visually appealing, durable and designed to last.

Supporting Builds

Any woodwork, insulation or supporting elements of the main build are also handled as part of our residential construction service. Whether you’re looking to build contemporary condos or some more traditional family housing, we’ll be able to cater to your requests here at CIRS.

Electrical Work

Our full turnkey service doesn’t end once the physical build has been completed. As part of our comprehensive process, CIRS can also be commissioned for any electric work you’d like completing. We work with skilled, local electricians who bring decades of collective experience to every fitting.

Drainage & Water

As a final stage, CIRS can also organise any drainage, water and plumbing work to be completed. With this, your residential properties are fully up and running at the conclusion of your work with us, as opposed to you have the call up local plumbers to organise this work off your own back.

Why Choose CIRS?

CIRS are part of the larger CSUK group, and therefore we bring all the experience and reputation of our sister companies to our work with residential construction. As a result, we can be relied upon with an unmatched standard of service and high quality builds.

Whether you’re a smaller business completing your first build or are seasoned in the residential field, we’ll cater to your needs. We have options for the varying budgets of our clients and work to take the stress away from the construction process. It’s the very best of both worlds.

Residential Construction Quotes

Contact CIRS today if you’d like to discuss a residential modular construction project with one of our in-house experts. We’re on hand to breakdown our process and can provide you with an idea of pricing over the phone as well. Leave your details on our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re available. If you have a more immediate enquiry, you can call CSUK today on 01202 118092.

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